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Designed and built by chefs. 

Inspired by you.

Two Chefs Construction offers the ultimate in personalized kitchen design services, as well as custom products, construction and installation. From concept to completion, the result is always a functional space with distinctive design and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that will thrill you for years to come. Providing the distinctive perspective that only professional chefs can offer, Doug and Paul are completely hands-on through the planning, design, and construction process, never sacrificing quality and craftsmanship, to ensure that the new kitchen will be your favorite room in your house!

Appliance Selection

Selecting the right appliances may be the most important decision of your kitchen remodel. Balancing form and function is a must as hefty price tags can consume the majority of the budget if you’re not careful. Once the kitchen layout is finalized, Two Chefs Construction will guide you through the appliance selection process to ensure that everything fits in your space. Pro Tip: Just because a brand makes a quality range does not necessarily mean they make a quality refrigerator. While the old adage “You get what you pay for” is usually true, there are many mid-range and high-end appliances on the market today that will provide the professional-grade range and built-in refrigeration units… so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Seamless Materials

Two Chef Construction specializes in the selection of quality materials, taking pride in helping our clients select warm surfaces that bring their kitchen together in unique ways, satisfying both form and function. Do you want stone seamlessly joined against a live edge piece of wood? Thinking about a tin ceiling that would complement a brick wall? Two Chefs Construction is known for its ability to design, create, and deliver customized, seamless surface solutions, bringing together anything your imagine can dream up.

Custom Design

From 3D Render to Real Life

A well thought-out kitchen design, with careful consideration for the small details, can have a big impact on your space. For instance, attention should be given to a place to store your knives, a common area for phone charging, and how to organize those pots and their lids. Two Chefs Construction develops a relationship with each client to understand their habits: Do you entertain a lot? Does the kitchen double as a homework spot? Is the TV news part of the breakfast routine? In addition, the design process takes into account how tall you are, whether you are left or right handed, and even if you have any allergies. These are all very important details that help lead to a custom kitchen design that's perfect just for you.

Cabinet Refinishing

Sometimes the budget won't allow for new cabinets to be purchased and installed. Or maybe you already like the layout of your current kitchen and want to update the look. The best way to do this is to take those old and tired cabinets and refinish them with new paint. It's amazing how transformative this simple step can be. We do this by cleaning and stripping your old cabinets and then refinishing them with a high quality lacquer that comes in and endless amount of colors and leaves your cabinets with a very durable finish that will last for many years to come. This process can also be done in your home and usually completed within a few days. This gives you the ability to have a "new" kitchen of your dreams in days rather than weeks or months. Just in time for all your relatives to come over for holiday meals.

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1998 to 2021

and New Walnut Island

White and Bright

and New Quartz Countertop and Tile Floor

Wood Craft

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Two Chefs Construction offers custom made products, ranging from large dining room tables, cutting boards, homes for our canine family members.

Do you have an odd sized nook in your kitchen or living area? We can make a custom table, banquet, built in media center, etc. to fit in your home perfectly. 



Open workspace

Chic And Sophisticated

Custom touches

Elegant and Modern

Gathering space

Time to Relax

Modern Scandinavian

Maple Everywhere


Brick and Granite

Showcase Worthy

A Little Bling

Clean and Modern

Amazing Transformation

Dated and Cramped

The Big Island

Time to have a Dinner Party

Cozy Country

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"In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude." - Julia Child

Paul Sourial

Owner, chef, woodworker

Paul attended The University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering and soon learned that while he had an excellent mind for engineering he fell in love with the culinary arts. He later earned a Bachelor’s degree from  The Culinary Institute of America. He worked up and down the east coast opening celebrity based restaurants and bakeries we all eat at on a regular basis. After more than a decade of this lifestyle he learned he was becoming more interested in working with the tradesmen that built these new establishments. He decided to put his engineering mind back to work and started teaching himself woodworking techniques, which lead to creative designing of cutting boards, knife racks and butcher blocks. This was no longer a hobby, but a new and exciting way of life.

Doug Riggs

Owner, chef, carpenter

His passion for food brought him to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America , a ProChef Level Three Certification and of course his best friend and wife, Elinor. After years of moving around from state to state they decided to settle in Lambertville NJ and raise a family by adding two wonderful boys, Ben and Drew. While in China for a two year work assignment for his wife, Doug was hired for the daunting task of opening an American restaurant, from concept to design to food development. After this project was done, Doug knew this was it for the restaurant life, it was time to move to his next chapter in life. So, after two decades in the restaurant, bakery and catering scene, Doug decided to hang up his kitchen side towels and trade them in for his old trusted tool belt and polish his skills of his second passion, custom woodworking and home kitchen design and construction.

Questions We Get Asked 
Every Now & Then

How is Two Chefs Construction different from other kitchen designers?

We have spent countless hours and as a matter of fact, years in professional kitchens. We have the correct knowledge to help you design and construct your kitchen in a way that is smart and efficient, the way a true home chef should be able to see, work and entertain in their kitchen and not be a slave to it.

Are you guys chefs or carpenters?

Once a chef, always a chef. We have 30+ years of combined restaurant experience but we both have always had a side passion for woodworking. Professional kitchen life takes a toll not only your body but others around you and we decided to partner in this new adventure, one that feeds our second passion of quality construction, design and woodworking.

How much attention do you give each client? Will you help design

Quality over quantity... ALWAYS!
Being chefs we always pay attention to detail and making sure each and everyone of our customers were taken care of individually. We have taken that drive for perfection and detail to our design and construction. We will start a job with a client and finish that job before we start another job. We know how frustrating it is when a contractor says one thing and does another or starts your job and doesn't finish it before starting another, your job is the most important job there is. We will take less jobs per year if it means happier clients and happier kitchens.

Will you help design our kitchen from start to finish?

We truly love taking the time and getting to know our clients and their wants and needs. We enjoy working with you from start to finish, this helps ensure that we are always on the same page and you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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